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Problem 51

Briefly explain how Rutherford discovered the nuc…


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Problem 50

Cathode Ray Use the elements labeled in Figure 4.23
to explain the direction of a cathode ray inside a
cathode-ray tube.


In the cathode-ray tube, the stream moved from the negatively charged cathode to
positively charged anode.



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Video Transcript

we will work on problems 50 from chapter four. This problem. We need to use a diagram figure too. Explain, uh, the direction of the ray inside a cathode ray too. So, first of all, we can draw our two here. So we have, um on one side we have a cathode, which is negatively charged. And on the other side, we have in anode with the positive charge. And so we have our cathode ray, which goes from the cathode, too, the anode. And so the reason that it goes this way is because this cathode ray is was discovered to be composed of particles. Ah, and these particles were electrons which have negative charge. And the negative charge would like to go be closer to a positive charge. So it moves away from the negative cathode and towards the positive anode due to this electrical attraction.

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