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Problem 25 Easy Difficulty

Centroid of a solid semi ellipsoid Assuming the result that the centroid of a solid hemisphere lies on the axis of symmetry three-eighths of the way from the base toward the top, show, by trans-
forming the appropriate integrals, that the center of mass of a solid semiellipsoid $\left(x^{2} / a^{2}\right)+\left(y^{2} / b^{2}\right)+\left(z^{2} / c^{2}\right) \leq 1, z \geq 0,$ lies on
the $z$ -axis three-eighths of the way from the base toward the top.
(You can do this without evaluating any of the integrals.)


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "So we have. Ah, Sami. You've served from the so that is described by, like, the flowing equations we have here. All right. Is there a in there this year? Is our a page. So it's Sami. You so toll? Not really, considering C you're zero on the he's even way boundary. You know, her part is even by the question R squared or eight squared. Plus, she they sent a letter she squared over H squared is on one. So, uh, isa symmetry with respect. Irritations vote later, the central oi will apply along the Z axis so that he's going to that. And that is what zero being for or C bar You need to computers. What is him? Us? No, but that'll volume till morning. So, um or not that well, because, you know Z here. Mm. Since it is positive, you know, the smaller done Well, that could be a Cylon mindless. Our square eight squared. Do you think squared some things, you know, but our age so well replied by age, we had that he's gonna be one of that sort of the volume. Well, the rating with respect go, Sara. First we have a factor of to play, then Well, um, our goes from zero off, eh? But one never say Heidi Sage. So why was from zero up to bay on Siegel's from zero off these value? Longer size. Where? A Into the one hope. Then we got our from his opinion. Yeah. BC really? So you do it, uh, see? Well, well, the whole thing the volume is about to buy. Mmm. The job from zero to pay. We're just not thems are using job bc You see? See, so that I've already being a point of zero will give us our and sage. It was one Linus are word or a Do you want, huh? I So these 42nd do on, honey substitution. You say that you sequel to are squared, Dean, do you like to are sort of decent trilby? Dangerous off. Oh, you hugs. Um so age How's the square, though? One minus, uh, on my s u over a squared. Do you? These one hasn't either. I would be no factor off one, Huh? So these are presently there is Ah, age halfs funding one. Mind you. Hey, squirt around in these three halves And in that time. So them stew first. Yeah. Mundane. And this minus one over it. Uh, so my has one, uh, EMC ms What? I'm being, Ah, the other factor off minus a squared. So your friendship, these respect for you you get, uh, you get that? Yeah. So? Well, so that computer do, Tina, about away is your money will be So we have. Ah. Mmm. Yeah. Bye. Well, them's volume there is going to Dubai Times. Uh, these times two age for two. Yeah. No, I'm simply thirds was 3/3. It's minus a well squared because he's won. And then there one miles. Oh, you for a square, briefly. Clubs unendurable with you Because you, honey, you can deal, eh? So well, today gravity zoo. So there will be, you know, room. So to buy a JJ thirds. Yeah, that's a squared homed in mine is that long? Then comes zero. Okay, zero been that's here. We'll get some miners in one one. So the body was gonna be there was one time. Is that so? Nobody musical too. A squared times. Age comes two. Bye thirds. And so for C bar, we need to integrate. D'oh! Uh, they drove over the hole thing and then from zero to a I'm zero up in there. I'm Europe Age times, Warren. Varmints are squared. Eight squared. 1/2. You know we're good. You really are. Yeah. Are you busy? Hey. Oh, look for a seedy bar. Oh, I need to do is easy on me like that. I didn't until uh was the read, huh? See whether I get ah, Tony Trouble Z D C u c Squared off ce. So you fucked off, huh? There from danger. We've seen that squared. Really? Serve your health Intel from zero to a well, sure, not a squared. So each squared from these square will get rid of the factor to the one. How so? Well, nice that mean them. So are you are to desert has, uh so the anti they're evil. His run will be. So we're into reading RDR. Um, then also, But in waiting outside because, um so bye. SAGES squared. So we're intervening r d r d r in minus Well, our cube or a square are So these are the people. These one would be our square house in vain for these one. We are before like four last. He's quick so that, uh, you've always routine a zero will give us. So it's squared Hubs, miners. Ah, in today for the very by the squares of that social on x squared Wait for So this is equal to use a square doing away for he's gonna get that so that a C bar will be kowtow. Let's, uh, another. So, Steve, I will be too. You have a factor off by James. Age squared times e squared to the floor Good. Before on dinner. Um, and then you have to revive by the volume. Just uh huh. Bye bye. These questions or to buy socks two. So, uh oh. Is your photo these times That so Bye. H squared, squared. You know, these times that, huh? Yes, in my multiplication. So? So these easy. Although these terms of third Yeah, that holder God times that so or a squared age for the crew by, um, So here three of, uh, you love chicken on. So you too. So, uh oh, sort of that. Well, hey, counsel's does this constant hum power Bye. So that it would be free age. Well, there. So that is See Byron"}

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