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Problem 20

MAIN Idea Explain how the type of an atom is defi…

Problem 19

Challenge Nitrogen has two naturally occurring isotopes, $\mathrm{N}-14$ and $\mathrm{N}-15 .$ Its atomic
mass is 14.007 . Which isotope is more abundant? Explain your answer.


Nitrogen-14 is more abundant than Nitrogen-15.



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Video Transcript

this question is taking every single time that nitrogen naturally occurs is either nutrition 14 or another 10 15 averaging, which comes up to 19.7 If this number was close to 15 there was more nitrogen, 15 occurring. You expect the number to be creator than 14.5 created than the average of two. But since it's 14 with just a, they're in minuscule match. Nitrogen 14 is more naturally occur.

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