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Problem 86

Draw the structural formulas for three isomers of…


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Problem 85

Chloropropane is derived from propane by substituting Cl for $\mathrm{H}$ on one of the carbon atoms. (a) Draw the structural formulas for the two isomers of chloropropane. (b) Suggest names for these two compounds.


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Video Transcript

made five chap to Clara per Pan's referent propane by substitute chlorine for hygiene and one of the two carbon atoms. So I went to three three carbon atoms. So here we have to short circuit probe propane until we can draw it here or begin drug here. One's gonna be attached to the first carbon in the chain. The other one's going to attach his second carbon in the chain. Now suggest names for these compounds. So this one, because tested the first carbon is gonna be one chloral propane, and this one's going to be to lower a rope propane.

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