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Problem 25 Easy Difficulty


$\mathrm{n}\left(\mathrm{Cl}_{2} \mathrm{H}_{6} \mathrm{N}_{2} \mathrm{Pt}\right)=0,951 \mathrm{mol}$
$\mathrm{N}(\mathrm{H})=3,54^{*} 10^{24}$


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Video Transcript

so we're giving Ah ah Anti cancer drug pickle panting so and ah Stiviano testable should be able to see the chemical formula. So I just summarize Ah, the ISS structural formula into Ah, uh I would say that war form it may be a symbol for murder, much more simple for murder. So I have we have one plant iam and also to Corinne and also ah to an agitation and also six hydrant. So what would be the number one more? You We have to 85.3 graham off this drug. So first of all, we just need to find out there with a mass because we were fortified Lumber Almost. We need two more. The mass. So the more than mass off this Ah, Mark you Ah, First of all, I just go back to our PR table and look for the mother mass for UTV Joe elements. Silver Phantom is 105.1. Corinne is 35.4545 But we have to off them, so my bites you. And then we're also add up to nitrogen sometimes too. And also we have six hydrogen bill hydrants wherever one so six time when these six. So we're going to use that calculator. Thio, find out the homos. So he is wealthy around 300 0.2 gram for rule. All right, so we have our mess over here. Divide by our moon mass, and then we can find out a number of most. So we're to 85.40 derived by our motor mass. Um, So the number most will be host to serial point. Um, knife life soon I'm moves. Okay, So, uh, what would be the lumber off 100 atom, your syrup or 98? Most off since panting or Pantanal? That's a cancer drug. So we go back to look at our formula for each off the mark. You We will have sex off the hydrogen, each mark your six hydrogen. So if we have that many limbo Mose the number I mean the limbo most of hydrogen would be you caused to our number, move or drug times six. So we have similar point. Um, 98 times six. It would be 5.8 most. Okay, so But we are looking at the lumber off atom, so number off hydrogen. That's and we could do you remember most Mother Pie by the every Gaudio number. And then again, we're gonna adjust our co leader. We should be able to find a czar. 50.54 time, Sandra Ah, power off 24. And this will be the lumber off high ratings.