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Problem 2 Medium Difficulty

Classify each function as a power function, root function, polynomial (state its degree), rational function, algebraic function, trigonometric function, exponential function, or logarithmic function.

(a) $ y = \pi^x $
(b) $ y = x^\pi $
(c) $ y = x^2 (2 - x^3) $
(d) $ y = \tan t - \cos t $
(e) $ y = \frac{s}{1 + s} $
(f) $ y = \frac{\sqrt {x^3 - 1}}{1 + \sqrt[3]{x}} $


a. Exponential function
b. Power function.
c. Polynomial function
d. Trigonometric function
e. Rational function.
f. Algebraic function


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Usman K.

October 19, 2020

f(t) = 1 ? 1.1t + 2.54t 2

Video Transcript

For the problem given to us here, we want to classify each function as a power function route function polynomial and states degree. So in this case we see that the first one is going to be Y equals pi the X. So part of the X is an exponential function. Um That's exponential but then acts to the pie as a power function. And then if we have X squared times two minus X cubed, that's a polynomial function. Tangent, T is co sign key. That's going to be a trigger geometric function. E is S over one plus S rational function difficult. And then lastly we have root X cubed minus 1/1 plus cube root of X. And that's going to be an algebraic function. Those are final answers.

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