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Problem 161 Medium Difficulty

College students throw out an average of 640 pounds of trash each year, $30 \%$ of that in the month before graduation, according to the Reader's Digest article "Campus Castoffs." To estimate the amount of trash discarded by the students at State University, 18 students were randomly selected and carefully monitored for one year. The amounts of trash discarded had a mean of 559.9 lbs and a standard deviation of 158.6 Ibs. Does State University have sufficient evidence that their students' mean amount of trash is significantly lower than the mean amount from all colleges? Assume normality and use a 0.05 level of significance.


$H_{a^{*}} \mu<640 ; t \star=-2.14$
$0.01<\mathbf{P}<0.025 ; t \leq-1.74 ;$ Reject $H_{o}$


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Video Transcript

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