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Problem 3 Easy Difficulty

Compare the given measures.
$K L$ and $K N$


$$K L>K N$$


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Video Transcript

when comparing segment que el to segment que en by hinge there, um, we know these sides are not going to be equal to each other because in triangle l M kay segment K l is opposite of a 90 degree angle. And in triangle nm que segment NK is opposite of a 70 degree angle. If they sides are opposite of angles that are not congruent than the sides were not congruent themselves so unhinged there. We need a couple of properties to be in place first in triangle l M k we can see at segment L m is equal to a segment n m in triangle and M kay by reflexive property of equality. We also have segment M k is equal to segment M kay and the hinge there, Um, States, if you have two sides that air course funding and congruent of two triangles and you know their included angle, so that would be this 90 degree angle and this 70 degree angle, Then we can compare the sides opposite of the included angles. The hinge there, um would state that because 90 degrees is greater than 70 degrees, then the side opposite of the 90 degree angle, which is side k. L is going to be greater than the side opposite of 70 degree angle, which is side que en So by Hinch there, um Que el is greater than K n.

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