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Problem 9 Easy Difficulty

Compare the given measures.
$$\mathrm{m} \angle D C A \text { and } \mathrm{m} \angle B C A$$


$$\mathrm{m} \angle D C A>\mathrm{m} \angle B C A$$


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Video Transcript

We have two triangles and they each have a corresponding side with a congruent measure of seven. And because of reflexive property, they also have a congrats side a. C. We don't know the length of that side, but we know it's congrats to itself were asked to compare the measurement of angle D C. A. Which is this angle to the measurement of angle B C. A. Which is this angle based on the converse of the hinge here. Um, because the measurement of angle or angle D C A is opposite of side marked 11 an angle B C A is opposite of side mark 10. The Converse hinged. Their um says the angle opposite of the largest side, which is the measurement of angle D. C. A. Must be greater than the measurement of angle B C A. Because angle B C. A is opposite of the smaller side

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