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Problem 10 Easy Difficulty

Compare the given measures.
$$\mathrm{m} \angle G H J \text { and } \mathrm{m} \angle K L M$$


$m \angle G H J<m \angle K L M$


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Video Transcript

We're comparing the angles of two triangles, but first we need to look at the side measures in triangle G h J. You can see GH is six and HJ is eight. We can compare that to Triangle K l M where Side que el is also six inside l m is also a so we have corresponding and congrats sides. But the angle that were asked to take a look at angle G h j is thea angle in between or the included angle of our two sides and we're comparing that angle k l m. These are the included angles the converse of the hinge there, um says if the sides opposite of these included angles are not congruent, then the angles themselves are not congruent. And if they're not congruent, we need to compare them as in larger or smaller. So, again, the converse of the hinge there, um says the angle opposite the larger of the two sides is going to be the larger angle. So if I'm comparing the measurement of angle G h J, it is opposite of the smaller side marked 10 and the measurement of angle KLM is the angle mark opposite the larger side marked 11. So that means angle. G H J is a smaller angle than angle K L M.

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