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Problem 11 Easy Difficulty

Compare the given measures.
$T U$ and $S V$


$$T P>S V$$


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Video Transcript

in the diagram. We need to compare this length of the side t you to the length of the side s B. We have our corresponding and congruent sides in place were side s t corresponds to side UV and there can Groot. We have the shared side. You ve are. Excuse me. U s has converted to s You buy reflexive property and we have included angles in our sides. So hinge there, um, states that if these included angles air not congruent, we can use the comparison of the angle measurements to help us compare the length of the sides. So the side opposite of the largest angle is gonna be your longest side. And the side opposite of your smallest angle is going to be your shortest side. So comparing side TV or I'm sorry, t you compared to the length of Side SV, we can see by Hinch there. Um, that t you is greater than SV

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