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Problem 20 Easy Difficulty

Compare. Write $<,>,$ or $=$
$$\mathrm{m} \angle P R S \quad \mathrm{m} \angle R S P$$


$m \angle P R S<m \angle R S P$


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Video Transcript

We're comparing two angles inside the same triangle the lower of the two triangles comparing the measurement of angle P R s, which is this angle to the measurement of angle R S P, which is this angle. And if you'll notice the side opposite of P. R s is 5.4. The side opposite of RSP is eight. The Converse hinge. There says the angle opposite had the largest side is going to be your largest angle. Therefore are S P. The measurement of angle RSP is greater than the measurement of angle P. R s or in this statement we have. The measurement of PRS is less than the measurement of Angle R s. Okay?

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