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Problem 4

Complete parts a-c for each quadratic function. …


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Problem 3

Complete parts a-c for each quadratic function.
a. Find the $y$ -intercept, the equation of the axis of symmetry, and the $x$ -coordinate of the vertex.
b. Make a table of values that includes the vertex.
c. Use this information to graph the function.
f(x)=-x^{2}+4 x-1


a) Therefore the $x-$ co-ordinate of the vertex is $[2]$
b) see table
c) see graph



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Video Transcript

in the a part of the question leading to find the buying, dissect the equation of the axes of symmetry on the X coordinate after politics for the quadratic function, fixed his equal. Do finance excess square plus four x minus one being told that for any general quadratic function off on if X is equal to they exist. Square plus BX plus c The buy in desert to see the equation of that sense of symmetry is excessive cord enormously by do it, er the X coordinate off the exists Why must be by soon into given function. The value off a is minus my the value of B his floor can't see his minus one so the buying deserve to become spineless. Mind the access. Also attribute. Can't expect people to hand the X coordinate off. The FedEx becomes in to be God. We need to schedule table off values, including the Olympics. So here is a table in which the Post column represents the values off eggs. In the second column, we evaluate expression minus X, a spread plus four x minus one third call, and we have the final value over Fix on in the fourth quarter and they have the co ordinate its karma. It makes since the world exist to be included in the stable. We write the X coordinate don't ever fix that is due take a few are useless and do which are one and a zero on takeoff. You have used me directly to that do which are three and four. So far zero the new off effects can be calculated In the second color, fish comes out to be minus one the court and it becomes zero komachi minus one for one. The value of X is I do on recording it becomes one common in a similar fashion. The calculations can be done in the second color. Uh, for to be observed that the value of perfects history for three affects is too hard before it exists minus one. So the coordinates become Don't go Mach three today, Comma do hard for Come on, minus fun using these. Goddamn, It's the blood, the gravel, the function in the sea. Part of the question. So yeah, the first start with the politics that this to geometry which is here. Then we plot the 0.1 call my too at the 0.3 Commodore. Then the next two points are Cedo comma minus one. I had four comma minus what? Join all these points. Don't himself actually up there Don't good facing parabola with the axes of symmetry X is he going to do? And here is the word IX, which is in coma three.

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