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Problem 5

Complete parts a-c for each quadratic function. …


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Problem 4

Complete parts a-c for each quadratic function.
a. Find the $y$ -intercept, the equation of the axis of symmetry, and the $x$ -coordinate of the vertex.
b. Make a table of values that includes the vertex.
c. Use this information to graph the function.
f(x)=x^{2}+8 x+3


a) Therefore the $x-$ co-ordinate of the vertex is $[-4]$
b) see table
c) see graph



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Video Transcript

in the early part of the question, we need to find the buying dissect. The question of that sets off symmetry on the X Coordinate off the vortex. What the quadratic function I fix his equal dude, it's a squared. Plus it ticks plus three. Now we know that for any general Kordic function off the farm fixes equal, didn't he? It's a squared plus bx plus e the lying deceptive. See the equation of taxes up symmetry. It's X is equal to minus sleep. I do it. The x coordinate of the word exists right asleep. I do into given quadratic function observed that he is lying. B is eat on the body up. See ISS. So the wind is it becomes three. The access of symmetry becomes X is equal to minus four on the X coordinate of the vortex. Because my passport in the report of the question, we need to schedule develop values, including the politics. So in the first quarter, we had our news topics in the second caller be evaluate the expression exist squared US X plus third caller, we have the final valuable fix on In the last column. We get the card in it exclaim a whole thanks. Since we need to include double digits. We full strike the exporting it off the politics at this minus four taking a few values. Yes. Then minus four minus five minus six. Had a few miles restricted in my sport. My mystery hod In the second caller, we can evaluate the values off picks by substituting the values of its in the expression on the value of affects. Boy minus six years My kiss, the court and it becomes my last six. Come on, minus nine four minus five. The calculation is done And that second call you All right on the value of fixed comes out to be my witness. The coordinate, therefore becomes minus five. Cover my tennis lesson dilemma Calculations can be done from this board. My mystery on my hands too. The value off bits for minus four is finest. Fighting for my history is minus truth on reminders to ISS This night on the coordinates become minus four comma minus looking minus three Got my list both on my stoop. Go up minus Oh my No! From these quarters, it's we graph the function in the secret. So here is a craft. First the block the vortex. That this minus four comma. Minus talking, which is you. Then be blowed. The point minus by comma minus. True. Which is you? On the point minus three comma minus two. Which is he up Then they brought the point minus six comma minus nine, which is here on the point minus do comma minus my bandages. Connect all the points to get the equation. Oh, a poor facing parabola with axes of symmetry. Yes, X is equal to minus four. And the What exists? My list for my yes, pretty.

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