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Problem 2

Complete parts a-c for each quadratic function. …


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Problem 1

Complete parts a-c for each quadratic function.
a. Find the $y$ -intercept, the equation of the axis of symmetry, and the $x$ -coordinate of the vertex.
b. Make a table of values that includes the vertex.
c. Use this information to graph the function.
f(x)=-4 x^{2}


a) Therefore the $x$ co-ordinate of the vertex is $[0]$
b) see table
c) see graph



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Video Transcript

in the part of the question we need to find divine detect the equation of axes of symmetry and the ex Gordon Head called the Vortex for the function. The fix is equal to minus four x squared. Now for any general quadratic function of the fine. If it's it's equal e x squared plus BX plus C the by interceptor See the equation of that supersymmetry is X is equal to minus V by don't eat on the X coordinate all the good it's is my husband wife. Don't be in the given function. We can observe that the value of a It's minus four b Placido. I don't see it's called, so I could do zero. So the lion does have become zero. The access of symmetry becomes excessive, called a zero on the X coordinate all the world. It's also becomes zero in the beef. Out of the question, we need to sketch a table of values, including the politics. In the first caller, we take the values off X in the second we evaluate, the expression minus greats is cleared in the door. We tried to find Carly over fix on in the last cover the right, Coordinate X comma. It's since the X coordinate is to be included in the table before strike zero. Then take a few values less than subtle. See, my husband had minus two on a few values. Free to dance. You don't see even harder in the second caller. The evaluate our use four minus two. The value of ethics comes out to be minus 60. At the garden it becomes my Mr Coma. My missed 60 four minus one. The value of affects comes out to be my Les Paul on the road in it becomes minus y Come on my list force 40 Are there any other fix? Comes up to be Zito on the Gordon. It becomes zero comma, zero for one. The value of FX is minus war and according against one comma minus four on for two. The new off effects consult to be my 1600 guarding it becomes go about minus existing. Now, using these are used the blood, the crap off the quadratic function in those see part of the question. So first people are the vortex back 00 which is here. Then we plot the 0.1 comma minus four, which is hell on the point. My husband comma minus four, which is here. Join all these points do up, Dean, the girl, which is a don't What? Beating parabola before? 600 on. That's a soft symmetry ext. Is equal to zero, Okay.

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