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Problem 127

Does the number of protons or neutrons remain the…


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Problem 126

Compute the number of protons and neutrons for
each zirconium isotope.


Neutrons: $50,51,52,54,56$
Protons: 40 for all



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Video Transcript

So now we'll work on problem of 126 from Chapter four in this problem and asks us to, um, show the number of protons and neutrons for five zirconium isotopes. So our isotopes here are zirconium. 90 91 92 94 96. And they ask us for protons and neutrons. So zirconium has an atomic number 40. So for all of these, the answer will be 40. For protons. That's not going to change. Neutrons will change depending on the attack number, but all we need to do is subtract theater comic number from the master. So for the first case, it's 90 minus 40 to get 50 neutrons 91 minus 40 to give 51 and so on. And we can fill in our table here until we get to 96 minus 40 which will get 56 neutrons

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