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Problem 32 Hard Difficulty

Compute the work done by the force field $\mathbf{F}$ along the curve $C.$
$\mathbf{F}(x, y)=\langle y, x\rangle, C$ is the square from (0,0) to (1,0) to (1,1) to (0,1) to (0,0)




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Video Transcript

given a full six. Former right? Is it going to my ankle? My ex sees a square Wrong zero comma Zito to one comma Zero Do you want to go more? One, 20 Ghana one 201 was here. So they're dis combine. This is the first line segment we get from here. Excellent physical duel zero plus one minus zero Milstein and by two is equal to zero for the crown legal. The X one is it Will do. I didn t want From next line I get X two is equal dough one by two is equal to zero plus one minus zero That steam The X two is equal to zero. Do you like to do is beating too Next line segment we get X three years ago to one minus dean by trees equal to violent. So the X three years ago nine iss DT I mean Andi Divide trees equal to zero. In the last segment, I get exported. Zero explain it is one minus by Horace One last e So my i d x scores zero my dealer for is the default so function of X comma by and see the given by by the eggs less exterior. There s a multitude. So one of the function will be from 0 to 1. This is people Divide the X one plus x d by one blessed by the X to bless X dear I that's why the x three. Methinks the eggs the right tree classified the export plus x the X device Sexual devalues zero do one. So we have the Expo Nous de Dion and by zero So this becomes zero. Exit is be on divide to a zero. So again zero here rise D on the extra zero. So zero plus here X is one and you guys to is DT toe So I get one expression everyone GT two. Yes, Why is one minus d d three? So I get one into minus off GT three Does thanks. Is one minus Tabor Devise, you know. So I give you bless. Why is one plus T d. X or zero? So zero another rescue zero. Forget little best. My final expression is 0 to 1 one dd two last 0 to 1 bond and do d D three d 0 to 1 minus one in 20 to 1. So it isn't good to go. One minus one. It goes

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