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Problem 61 Medium Difficulty

Consider a rectangular box with one of the vertices at the origin, as shown in the following figure. If point
$A(2,3,5)$ is the opposite vertex to the origin, then find
a. the coordinates of the other six vertices of the box and
b. the length of the diagonal of the box determined by the vertices $O$ and $A$ .


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Video Transcript

some a picture looks like this. So you have a rectangular region on? Duh. Oh, said no. The cornea at this point to be, um 235 And all the other points are just projections of this point, for example, Um, because the sex, Why the So the cornea at this point is to project, that's why. Plan, which means you want to take the X and y part of this point. So you got this is 23 zero. And, uh, it's fun. His projection to the whitey plan. So you can't read of x x zero three five. This point is prediction to accept Ethan. So 20 five. I know, Uh, this point will be projection off this 205.26 coronate, which is on only access number. Nearly all the other things that zero. So it's 200 Um, this point is protection. You can choose this point protection to the white cornet. So 03 and zero. This point is projection of this point to the d Korea's or C 005 and this is the origin which is 000 and the links off the diagonal. So we know this voucher is given by 235 So things of disruptor as to a square plus sorry. Three square plus five square square which ah, so it's for US nine plus 20 five squared which of 30 eight.

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