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Problem 29

(a) What is meant by the term state function? (b)…

Problem 28

Consider a system consisting of two oppositely charged spheres hanging by strings and separated by a distance $r_{1}$ as shown in the accompanying illustration. Suppose they are separated to a larger distance $r_{2},$ by moving them apart. (a) What change, if any, has occurred in the potential energy
of the system? (b) What effect, if any, does this process have on the value of $\Delta E ?(\mathbf{c})$ What can you say about $q$ and $w$ for this process?


a) see on the solution
b) see on the solution
c) Therefore, $w$ and $q$ are positive quantities.



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Video Transcript

So we're doing problem number twenty eight of Chapter five chemistry of Central Science to consider a system to absolute charge. Spheres hanged by strings and separated by the distance are one. You can see this in your textbook. Suppose they're separate to a larger distance. Are two moving them part. What? Changing potential energy if any occurred in your system. So we have Remember potential energy is e is equal to K. Kyu won. Time's a cute too angel hair. No, K k is a constant and cute you want and cute. You are also competencies into charges of our respective of our respective spheres. Now remember, we can. That's as the we have one sphere that's possibly charge one spear this negatively charged that the is an attractive interaction action. So the further we remember Vory remember this graph with E as a function of our as we move attract attractive particles away from each other, the energies is really going to increase, then level off zero. So that means as we increase our r r value, we've moved him further part. Are the the delta eat the energy of our system is going to increase and then level and then eventually become zero with me region each are eagles infinity. Now this is also going to This is going so as our delta guilty he is it as our is becoming more positive, it's positive and lt is also changing because remember Delta eu khun right as e tu minus e one. So as we're increasing our e to value so as so as we move it apart or eat, need to value we can use becomes larger and larger. So hee, too is going to be greater than the one. So that means that as we move them further apart, E one is going to be positive. So from our one are two two. That's Delta is going to be greater than zero now for part C. What can you say about Q and W for this process? Well, we can't say anything about you were not given any any information about the temperature, so Q is unknown and for work work. Our work is going to be positive because we are holing these attractive interactions apart art. And we also know that Delta E is positive. Remember, Delta is equal to que plus plus w you sew it so we can determine that work is positive. That work is being done on our system to move these fears apart.