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Problem 37 Medium Difficulty

Consider electrons accelerated to a total energy of 20.0 GeV in the 3.00 - km - long Stanford Linear Accelerator. (a) What is the $\gamma$ factor for the electrons? (b) How long does the accelerator appear to the electrons? Electron mass energy: 0.511 MeV.


a) $3.91 \times 10^{4}$
b) 0.0767 $\mathrm{m}$


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Video Transcript

spark a well relax mystic factor is equal to Ah, total energy e divided by risk. Marcin Rasheen We are We have total energy which equals 1,020,000 electron books. 1,020,000 electron worlds divided by arrest. Most energy Christmas dinners you 0.511 million electron pumped 1,000,000,000 electron volt and dividing. The two numbers we get, uh, gamma is equal to three point 91 Multiply by 10 to the bomber. Four. That's two part B. Well, we know date l just contracted. Land is equal to properly and divided by, uh, a relativistic factor. So Alan is a cool too proper length will properly Auntie's 3000 divided by gamma comedies 3.91 multiplied by tend to the father of four on dividing two numbers, Al is equal to zero point zero. Um, zero point. See you don't 76 767 meters

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