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Problem 4

The contents of the closed box in each of the fol…


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Problem 3

Consider the accompanying energy diagram. (a) Does this diagram represent an increase or decrease in the internal energy of the system? (b) What sign is given to $\Delta E$ for this process? (c) If there is no work associated with the process, is it exothermic or endothermic? [Section 5.2$]$


a) This represents an increase
b) The sign given to the delta E will have to be positive.
c) this is endothermic.



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Video Transcript

in the diagram we have in product. Yeah, the reactor. We have the n i d Christian. Why this sounded ground off like so get a gram. We see that the from reactor Prada isa increase in international nightie a increase in in Tama and I in my day so far, three of the questions that Watson is given toe that e Orantes Croesus. So from this process, never e It's positive because the and I don't recall that sad. And that reactor, so he's increasing is positive. They thought part of your question has you, Dave? No work was there with you. Is it as atomic off, Randall? Coming. You guys know walk. If I does that, he is. You know, we know that that I cost plus being in days, no work. Many work is here. So e you killed that is it. And it's going to be Constantine. This means it is and atomic reaction

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