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Problem 28 Easy Difficulty

(Continuation of Exercise $27 . )$ For the region $R$ described in
Exercise 27 , evaluate the integral $\iint_{R} y^{2} d A$


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Video Transcript

Okay, So from medicines 27 we have seen that was very close to you, B. So we continue the substitution and, uh, we have the only reason these are westward. The extra y recall the chico been from Extras 27 is given by one over to be so his The transformation to the new rich in G will be what squares We have used score to be squared. And this is over to be UV. I'm sorry that Jacoby is actually be square with you. This is a tickle been serving cycle, and, uh, we have the UDV sensitive itis. That seems to happen. We have have a few the udv simple enough and over you. And these are both from what I have to to Okay, so the answer would be would have to true continue over 16 Devi. That's the last part in the The answer is 45 over 32. That's the integration from the exercise. 27 with the transformation will swear he goes to you and be your times be

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