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Problem 8

Coterminal Angles in Radians In Exercises 7 and 8…

Problem 7

Coterminal Angles in Radians In Exercises 7 and 8 , determine two coterminal angles in radian measure (one positive and one negative) for each angle.


(a) $-\frac{17 \pi}{9}$
(b) $-\frac{2 \pi}{3}$



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Video Transcript

Okay, So for part A, we have to find the coal terminal and load. So pi over nine, we can add private too. And then we can also attract fire rescue poor adding private too for now, Pirate to Piney, we would get Let's see, that would be pi over nine plus 18 high overnight, which would give me 19 pie overnight and then produced. One here would have pie over nine minus 18 pie full of nine, which would give me a negative 17 Hi overnight. And then the part B. We have four pi over. Great. The four pi over three plus two pines. And also check the pipes. Just give us four pi over three nine pie over three. Oh, actually, no. That's three times 2 to 6. So that would give me 10 high over three. And then for our negative called him and go. We would get make it a two pi over three

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