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Problem 15 Medium Difficulty

Cravitational Fields The Moon is $3.9 \times 10^{5} \mathrm{km}$ from Earth's center and $1.5 \times 10^{8} \mathrm{km}$ from the Sun's center. The masses of Earth and the Sun are $6.0 \times 10^{24} \mathrm{kg}$ and $2.0 \times 10^{30} \mathrm{kg},$ respectively.
a. Find the ratio of the gravitational fields due to Earth and the Sun at the center of the Moon.
b. When the Moon is in its third quarter phase, as shown in Figure $7-17$, its direction from Earth is at right angles to the Sun's direction. What is the net gravitational field due to the Sun and Earth at the center of the Moon? (FIGURE CAN'T COPY)


A. $2 \cdot 26$
B. $6 \cdot 4 \times 10^{-3} \mathrm{~N} / \mathrm{kg}$


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Video Transcript

in the first part of this problem, we're going to kill Clark. The nature of the gravitation field is you do our Anderson at the center off moon. Let the cell ratio is GSD. Wanted by G. He decided he issues the traditional free due to send at the central more. And this is the graduation feel off art at the center of moon so we can avoid USGS has G s equals two apogee. I m as you wanted by are square we call it equating number one here is using our present course trying Temer's the mess of sun. And this artist is orbital radius from the center Move so you can define GSG equals toe Captain gm He wanted by r e. We call it equating number two. So you are you quite in one. But you are equating to weaken white gs. Eddie wanted by he he equals two m s are he's square. So that is also square. Are the square too worried by and he and our It's quick we call it equating number three. How? By inserting Weathers into this quiet in the convoy. It does gsd wanted by G equals two. We add value for this and this is it. Two points You don't want to return its power. 30 Goody into Adi has the value of three point my I want a flat returns. Far ad meter bursts can add meter old square you wanted by We have very for me 5.97 Multiply bitterness part 24 kg. I'm that this artist is the value of 1.5. Multiply terrorists for 11 meters old square, So from here we can develop for the situation. Where is it? Small GS too worried by small G equals two 2.26 So this is the required answer. Now let's come toward dancer off part B of this problem. So in this part of the problem, you have to calculate the net care patient field at the center of money to movement when once phrases in the Turk water. So this gravitational field is that presented as a GM that is unit so it can be due to Nazar Gen equals two square door for Gs Square plus square. When selling wells into this question for the said Yes, Andy, we can white. It is g n equals two into We have a valuable yes, says the Captain G and Esty wanted by R s Old Square plus into captain D M O for he wanted by are the old square and then we have one by two. Next, call it equating about two on insert values into the square and as it you and equals toe into we have developed for this energy as 6.67 months Opportunist Par minus 11. You tell me, Does square per square there is quit on it into we have the value for this Emma says it two points. You know much love returns power 30 because you wanted by artist Says he went off, uh, for us to a correction there is square on the hotel radius. So that is Ari Ari Square and are it's square. So here we can white 1.5 multiply returns ball allowing me dio Old square that is a square on it. Plus, here we can write 5.97 multiplied returns for 24 kg. You wanted body three point now multiply Donors followed at me full square and there is also a squid on it. So that's one by 21 The whole party has won by do from American. Why develop for this year? And as Jean equals two 6.4 months collaborate Tunis followed minus three. New temper. Kadji. So this is honest. Thank you.

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