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Problem 92 Hard Difficulty

Cyanogen, (CN)_, has been observed in the atmosphere of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, and in the gases of interstellar nebulas. On Earth, it is used as a welding gas and a fumigant. In its reaction with fluorine gas, carbon tetrafluoride and nitrogen trifluoride gases are produced. What mass $(\mathrm{g})$ of carbon tetrafluoride forms when 60.0 $\mathrm{g}$ of each reactant is used?


$\mathrm{m}\left(\mathrm{CF}_{4}\right)=\mathrm{n}^{*} \mathrm{Mr}=39,7 \mathrm{g}$


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Video Transcript

So we have Ah sai cyanogen gas where every foreign gas support use carbon tetra for and also a nitrogen tri for I guess what were the massive carbon tetra four right? That is going to form if we just 60 graham off each reaction. Okay, so first of all, we have Thio bonds that can call we Asher. Yes, the first thing that we have the two. So you know that the planets became congestion. Ah, we have to make sure they have the same number of carbon. So we have two who cabin and to also to Nigerian. So with a two year for Nancy have to say four and she ran off n f e m f. Okay, so we have the carbon and nitrogen bios. The last week of the bonds will be their foreign guests. So from here we have two off the ah common touch workforce over eight foreign girls. And then we have ah, six foreign gasa from the NFL. We So we have six plus a where 14 foreign atom for 14 for atom. So we have to put a seven. You handle foreign gas. You know, the £2 we have you. Have you seen Amanda off for the atom? Okay, so the let's step again, we're going to convert the reactions mass to Momo's to the bull moose. So we have coming, um, pass on, nitrogen on. We have moved them. So we have 60 grand divide by the molar mass off their sign notion that we should be able to find his 1.1 of life. Most okay for foreign. We We have 60 graham D Y by, um, foreign were two florins, so it will be equal to 1.5 most. All right, so just do a check. Quick track again at 1.5 roll. Okay, So the next step is we have to find a limiting we agent because we're giving the among off each other regions. Then one of it maybe explain access. One of it will be Ah, not Okay. So, uh, when we say we want to completely, we have reformed the science agency and two, I mean the whole sea into what would be the foreign that we need. Okay. So you can see that the middle of a show it's 1 to 7 from Scientology into foreign political officials. one, the confessional for Ian seven. So we're going to multiply the number most off our sign origin and destructive is the lumber most off foreign that we need. And you can see that we need 8.5 way more than that off before in that we have. So therefore foreign will be are we were the will be the 17 wage and emitting way agent. All right, so Ah, by using the number more forget about Alabama off while coming back to work. All right. Okay. So Ah, the motorway show is seven, 2222 7 to 2. You can seem to find a way. Show 72. You can divide the whole issue by the smallest number. We have food corn, Fife 21 people in 5 to 1. So therefore, you want to find the number most off our, um common touch. Worf. Alright. We just need to take the lumber. Most off our, um Ah. Foreign Divided by five on five. You are by people fight. So 145 to web by 3.5. We have 0.451 mole off. Ah, common touch. Well, for a cop in touch for four. So we just told her that to lock the mass, and then we will have the answers. So we're still on for fire. One times the carbons will be 12. Purcell, we have four, um, foreign. And then we should have Fernie 9.7 graham off carbon tetra four.