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Problem 3 Easy Difficulty

$$d y / d x+y / x=x^{3} y^{2}$$




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Video Transcript

in this video, we'll go through the answer to question number three from chapter 2.6. Raster, identify whether this equation is homogeneous. Bluey Lenny, calm coefficients for off the given form. Okay. Is it homogeneous? Uh, well, we can cook this guy on the right inside by attracting both sides. Subtracting why? Over x from both sides. But the problem is this, however, in the question down wrong. Okay, they should be squared about this function on the right. Inside, there is no ah abduction off. Excellent. Um, so it's no coma genius sbv it's his present form is believing because this one over this one over x is our p of X, and this X squared is our cue of X and then and is equal to in this case, so yeah, it has been doing is off the new form. Certainly not linear coefficients, because we have a cubic toe That's not linear. And it's also know off the, uh, Lydia form giving question