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Problem 71

Acceleration At the instant the traffic light tur…


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Problem 70

Deceleration A car traveling at 45 miles per hour is brought to a stop, at constant deceleration, 132 feet from where the brakes are applied.

(a) How far has the car moved when its speed has been reduced to 30 miles per hour?
(b) How far has the car moved when its speed has been reduced to 15 miles per hour?
(c) Draw the real number line from 0 to $132 .$ Plot the points found in parts (a) and (b). What can you conclude?


\begin{array}{l}{\text { (a) } 73.32 \mathrm{ft}} \\ {\text { (b) } 117.34 \mathrm{ft}} \\ {\text { (c)see solution for answer }}\end{array}


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Video Transcript

Yes, we have. The 50 is equal to over to you two squared. Plus the zero two close. The zero. That's the equation. Lotion? No, that final time results in the position of 1332 No, this is they returned. Two squared close. 45 two. When the car starts 000 we need a way to get tea. In terms of it, we know that very of tea. Oh, minus No. Zero is equal. Two two What? Oh, tea. Fine. Okay. The son in laws, the final zero, not just 45. Shipping go today. Claims Teo No moons. Okay, fine. Go. Teo, wait this equation. Hey. Yeah, It's the same as 1 32 You want to two clan's too. Plus 45. Hey, not people. 2 95 two close. 45 two. When? 45. Walter too. Two. You know the final time. Did she talk? Final times. You know that Teo has to be 1 32 times two is two 64 over 45. Yeah, I'm not a has to be negative. 45 divided by 2 64 for size, which is 25 squared. Oh, 2 64 Now we have. Remember there too, Linus is yours Wasn't cool. Two Peralta. So beauty is minus the initial velocity of 45. That's equal to negative. 45 squared Cool 2 64 two say to one. And this. Thank you, Tina. Dozers the first time, just when the car which is 30? Yes, like in a 45 squared. Oh, 2 64 Mother Negative 15 Divided by 45 Squared mother 2 64 That it So it if you just 2 64 Well, 45 tires, three cream Negative. 30 Trust 15 My school negative. 45 squared or 2 64 22 That tells us Team two two sixteen 16 for 45 apps. Three Comes to so three camp numbers that were you too. That's equal to way over too. Two squared close. Easier too No means of position. A T one is which is like 45 Hello, two times 2 64 Tipline squared, which means 2 64 for you. Times three squared close to the zero which is 45 comes to one, which is 2 64 45 terms. Well, this is just no use 2 16 for over 45 News a tune plus 2 64 or 45 times three 2 64 before you find this times negative. One over 18 Close. 113 2 64 45 times like that one off your team plus six over 18 inches. Five. Well, right. Likewise, 52 is equal to negative. 45 oh, two times 2 64 Yeah times two, which wass to 64 times two or 45 times three square close 45 26 to 4 times two over 45 terms through 2 64 and something Times two Well 45 tired 45 times Bliss for fine Holmes 2 64 times two number 45 times Choose no two nights. Oh, this should've been 45 squared. Oh, laters. Two months close 2/3 times 2 64 Oh, which is four. Four nights times 2 $60 One. So if we want a number starting at zero. Oh, and 1 32 21. Time you to one which is five or tune times 2 64 What? 10 over 18. It's one thing to this is a halfway point, which is 66. Then appear T one. It's right about here and okay to your team, too. Oh, once a night. 1 32 That's about yeah. So finders as the cartouche Hillary, it's in time to slow down as it reaches 1 32 I hope that my sense

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