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Problem 8 Easy Difficulty

Describe and sketch the surface.

$ z = \sin y $


On the $y z$ -plane, this is a sine wave. In $3 \mathrm{D},$ it is a cylinder-type surface
that extends in directions parallel to the $x$ -axis.


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Video Transcript

Okay, you're supposed to grab the equal sign. Why? I'm assuming that you mean in three dimensions, I'm going to start in two dimensions, this is the Z. Y. Plane. So I'm just going to draw a regular sign curve. Zero at the beginning, one in the middle zero and oh sorry at the halfway one in the middle Weight 010 -10. And then this way -101. All right then, because it doesn't tell you anything about X. There's no X in the equation. So that's the X. Axis. Now that means X could be anything. Okay, so this makes it Okay. Oops. So it's sort of like a I don't know if you know what ribbon candy is. Looks like a piece of ribbon candy. But is this sign curve just like over and over and over for every X. So it makes a three dimensional sort of wavy piece of whatever? Okay. I hope that house.