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Problem 25 Easy Difficulty

Describe in words the region of $ \mathbb{R}^3 $ represented by the equation(s) or inequality.

$ x = 5 $


A plane parallel to the $y z$ -plane and 5 units in front of it


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Video Transcript

here we have an equation that's expired. And, uh, in a three dimensional space, we'LL fix one coordinates at equals, Fi and the on one, the other two Can we choose me? Choose freely, thoroughly whole thirty missions space. So it's gonna be like a thing because we have fixed one points. He has what we have fix one co ordinates and the planes could be parallel to the y. Oh, the access to fit it. We're gonna enjoy it here the access, the success and the Weisses and one's by Oh, as we know that the plane is parallel to wild Z and pass through the points five o. So basically this so whatever. Jon is just a part of rain, and the public can see through the park claim that it is parallel to El Zee and pass through five all. So that is answer for the question