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Problem 7

MAIN Idea Describe the structure of a typical ato…

Problem 6

Design a concept map that compares and contrasts the atomic ideas proposed
by Democritus and John Dalton.


$^{*}$ Democritus:
- Matters are composed of atoms that can move freely in empty space.
- Atoms are solid, homogenous, can't be destroyed and can't be divided into smaller parts.
- Atoms of different elements have different sizes and shapes.
- Properties of matter are set by the size, shape and movement of the atoms that form the matter.
$\cdot$ Dalton's atomic theory:
- Matter is composed of atoms, which are the smallest components of the substance.
- Atoms can't be broken into smaller parts and can't be destroyed.
- The atoms of the same element have the same size, mass and chemical properties.
- Atoms from one element are different from other elements.
- Atoms can be combined in definite ratios to form compounds.
- Chemical reaction can cause the atoms to separate from each other, combined or
rearranged with each other.



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Video Transcript

now we'll work on the problem. Six from Chapter four This problem. We're asked to compare and contrast the ideas of little Adam's from democratise and dolphin so we can draw table here and compare their ideas side by side. So to begin with, um, Democritus said that matter is composed of atoms, and this is also spoken off and dawns. Ah, theory, Democritus said that atoms are indivisible and indestructible. We know this now to be a nut case. But Dalton that was also a part of Dalton's theory. Democritus said that different Adams had different sizes and shapes. Dalton said that, uh, we're gonna have a different Adam for every, uh, element. So if the Adam was different, the hell it would be a different element. So Democracy is said that the size, shape and movement of Adams determined their properties. So Dalton said that Adam's combine and whole number ratios to form to form compounds so we can see that they agreed on a lot, Um, some things they were different. Something's dolphin had a little more insight because of the development of science. He was much later than Democritus, um, so we could see the similarities and differences

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