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Problem 91

Cathode-Ray Tube Describe a cathode-ray tube and …

Problem 90

Determine what was wrong with Dalton's theory and
provide the most recent version of the atomic structure.


- Dalton's errors were:
A. The atoms can't be broken into smaller parts.
B. Atoms of the same element have the same size and mass.
- Recent atomic structure indicates that atom is formed of subatomic particles that are protons, neutrons, and electrons.



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Video Transcript

So now we work on problem 90 from chapter four. This problem they ask us to say was wrong Don's theory and talk about the most recent version of the on obstruction. So the main area in which Dalton was wrong is in his saying that the Adam are invisible and indestructible. You know, now that that is not the case. He's also wrong, insane that all elements of whole Adams of the same element have the same mass. So since Dalton, we have discovered that there is ah, uh, smaller particles that composing Adam, which are prote protons, neutrons and electrons. So here, just to roughly represent what it looks like now we have a we can represent here, eh? Helium. Maddie? Um, helium Adam. To show the common conception for, uh, Adam structure. We have protons and neutrons in the nucleus. We have electrons circling similar should rather furs. Rutherford's model. Although we know much more now about where the electrons maybe in their position around the nucleus. But this is the general structure that we know now.

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