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Problem 2 Easy Difficulty

Determine whether each given ordered pair is a solution of each system. See Example 1.
x-y &=-4 \\
2 x+10 y &=4
\end{aligned} \quad(-3,1)\right.




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Video Transcript

here on this problem. We want to determine if May give 31 is a solution to this system of equations. Now, if it is, what that means is that I complied. Negative three and four X, but one. And for why? And it gives me a true statement in both equations. So looking here in this bottom equation, let me put negative three in forex. Good one. And for why? And let's see if that gives us four. We have negative six plus 10. Is that equal for? Well, yes, it does. So it works in that bottom equation. Check the top equation and then top equation. Port negative three in forex would one in for wife is negative. Three minus one equal negative for Yes, it does. It tells us yes. This is a solution to our system of equations.

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