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Problem 18 Medium Difficulty

Determine whether each integral is convergent or divergent. Evaluate those that are convergent.

$ \displaystyle \int_2^\infty \frac{dv}{v^2 + 2v - 3} $


The Integral converges to $\frac{1}{4} \ln 5$


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Video Transcript

a definition this's ICO to limit It goes to infinity of the into girl to a function very over Wait square past two way minus three Yeah Here we first the computer to death me Tio into your off first phone just anti girl This's Iko too integral off two way We can realize dysfunction as bad over we minus one Hi Way three Dearie and dysfunction, this is you Come too one over three minus one, minus one Over with Plus really Time's over. Or do you? Then we can find on type derivative of dysfunction. This's Iko too. We might just one month while and we plus three times one over from to a This is equal to one over four No, a minus one over, eh? Class three Venice two minus one over two plus three When they goes to infinity a minus one over a plus three goes to one. So I went a max one over a plus three goes to zero disfunction goes to one over four Pam's make tive Ellen one hour five on dh. This's also Iko too. One over four Shit tamps Ellen file this improper Integral is convergent Ondas a while you is one over four camps hell in five