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Problem 50 Medium Difficulty

Determine whether $\int_{C} \mathbf{F} \cdot$ dr along the paths $C_{1}$ and $C_{2}$ shown in the following vector fields is positive or negative. Explain your reasoning.


for given curve $C_{1},$ most of the points on the curve are, against the vector field.
Hence integrated $\int_{c_{1}} f_{.} d x$ is negative
for given curve $c_{2}$, most of the points on the Hence integrated $\int_{c_{1}} f_{.} d x$ is positive


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Video Transcript

from given drug in question, Forgiven Curve C one most off the point on the curve or pointing against the victor field. Hence integral the one if T X is negative forgiven, courtesy to most of the points when the girls are pointing along the victor field, hence the integral portion into if the X is posted.

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