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Problem 15 Easy Difficulty

Determine whether the sampling method is random, systematic, or stratified. Tell whether the method will produce a good sample.
A pollster randomly selects 100 people from each town in a certain candidate’s district to see if they support the candidate.


stratified; not a good sample as it assumes each town has a similar number of voters


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Video Transcript

this question asked us to categorize this sampling method. We know this sampling method is going to be stratified, and the reason why is because they're splitting up their sample into districts on then randomly selecting a certain number of people in this context, the randomly selecting 100 people from each town in a certain candidates district's essentially they're splitting it up by candidates district. What we know is that this would be a good representation of the population, because not only are they splitting up into enough town such districts, but we know they're also randomly selecting a very large Sam.