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Problem 10 Easy Difficulty

Determine whether the series is convergent or divergent.
$ \displaystyle \sum_{n = 3}^{\infty} n^{-0.9999} $


The series is divergent.


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Video Transcript

and this problem. We have Thio to determine if a specific Siri's is convergent or divergent. So we're given the Siri's from n equals three to Infinity off and raised to negative 30.9999 Well, we should recognize the format of this Siri's. This is a P Siri's, and in this case, RPI value is 0.9999 Well, that is less than or equal toe one. So what we can say using the P Siri's test is that this series is divergent. So I hope that this problem helped you understand not only how we can recognize a P Siri's, but also how we can use the P Siri's test to understand if a Siri's is divergent.