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Problem 4 Easy Difficulty


4. $ g(x) = (x + 2 \sqrt{x})e^x $


$\left(1+x^{-1 / 2}\right) e^{x}+(x+2 \sqrt{x}) e^{x}$

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Samantha G.

April 16, 2019

If someone is looking for help on how to do calculus problems, they probably want you to walk them through it and not assume they know how to do everything. You go through the questions to fast and don't explain your steps. Please change your teaching str


Cat 7.

March 7, 2021

can you explain all the steps please

Video Transcript

he It's clear, so enumerated here. We're gonna use a product rule so I get D over DX or X plus two x to the 1/2 times E to the X. It's a sequel to X plus two x till in half de over de X Eat the X plus e to the x d over DX X plus two x +21 huh Just becomes equal Thio X plus two next to the 1/2 terms each. The Axe Trust Eat The X Times one plus two times 1/2 x to the 1/2 minus one missed becomes equal to eat the axe time X plus two x to the 1/2 plus one close next to the negative 1/2.