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Problem 24 Easy Difficulty


$ F(t) = \frac {At}{Bt^2 + Ct^3} $


$\frac{-\alpha(2c+b)}{\left.\left.t^{2}\right(c t+b\right)^{2}}$

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Video Transcript

he It's clear. So when you married here. So we're gonna take the derivative in terms of tea for a tea over C t cute plus B p square, we take a l When we got dee over d t for tea comes C T Cube plus B t square minus t d over DT for c t Cute. Let's be Peace Square all over Seek t cute plus b t Square and then square that again when we take a out When we get a I'm c t cubed plus d T square minus three keys girl See plus two t b times t all over c t cute plus B P square. When we get negative, a car comes to C T plus be over tea square C t be square