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Problem 18 Easy Difficulty


$ h(r) = \frac {ae^r}{b + e^r} $


$\frac{a b e^{r}}{\left[b+e^{r}\right]^{2}}$

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Video Transcript

it's clear. So when you married here. So we're gonna take the derivative in terms of our since it's each of our for a e to the are over eat the R plus B Then we take that ate out get G over d r Were each the r over eat the R plus B. This is equal to t over de arm or eat the R terms Beats the art plus B minus. Beat the art d over d. R. You two are plus B over eat the R plus B square. Then we put a at the end and when we simplify, you get a times eat are come meet our plus B minus eat Our plus zero kind eats the R all over each the r plus B square. When we simplify yet eh be beat to the r Over eat the R plus B square