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Problem 10 Easy Difficulty


$ J(v) = (v^3 - 2v)(v^{-4} + v^{-2}) $



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Video Transcript

Hey, it's clear is the one you married here. So we're going to do are derivative. Do you ever Devi one over the square Less one over beach the fourth I'm very cute minus to be. Don't we get D over TV one over the square plus one over B to the fourth times. Be cubed minus to be was won over V square plus one over V to the fore de over de V Be cubed minus two V. This becomes equal to negative too. Three to the negative. Cute plus negative for beat the negative five comes V cubed minus two V plus three V Square minus two terms one times one over B Square plus one over V to the fourth simplify and we got B to the fourth plus be square plus six all over view to the fourth.