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Problem 28 Easy Difficulty

Differentiate the function.
$ F(z) = \frac{A + Bz + Cz^2}{z^2} $


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Video Transcript

it's clear it's the one you married here. We gonna rewrite f of Z as a Z to the negative negative too. Plus B z to the negative one plus c used a summon difference roll. So we get d over. Do you see for a Z to the negative too? Plus de over de easy BZ to the negative one. And we have plus de over daisy for a C. We used the constant function role. This becomes a zero. We could take up the Constance using the constant multiple role and apply the parole to get a negative to Z the negative to minus one cluster B negative one z to the negative one minus one, which is equal to negative too, eh? Well, we're in Z Cube. Mina's be overseas square.