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Problem 27 Easy Difficulty

Differentiate the function.
$ G(q) = (1 + q^{-1})^2 $


$$G^{\prime}(q)=0+2\left(-1 q^{-2}\right)+\left(-2 q^{-3}\right)=-2 q^{-2}-2 q^{-3}$$

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Video Transcript

he had squares, the one you made here. So we have the square of a sum, which is G of Q is equal to cute the negative, too, plus too cute to the negative one plus one. And we're going to use to some indifference rule. So G, the derivative of G of Q is equal to de over de que cute, the negative, too, plus de over D. Q. Too cute to the negative one plus de over D. Q. For one, we used the constant function role. Just become zero. And when we use the constant multiple rule and the power roll, we could take thes outside and it becomes negative to Q to the negative to minus one plus two times negative one Cute, the negative one minus one. This equals negative. Too cute The negative three times one plus que.