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Problem 24 Easy Difficulty

Differentiate the function.
$ G(t) = \sqrt{5t} + \frac {\sqrt{7}}{t} $


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Video Transcript

he has clear Sonia right here. So we could re right g of tea and it becomes square root of five t Someone have plus square root of seven t to the negative one. You used the sum and difference roll. So we get D over deep T square root of five t Someone have plus de over DT square root of 72. The negative one power. We're going to take the Constance outside and apply the power all when we get square with a five 1/2 teats a negative 1/2 minus one close square root of seven negative won t to the negative one minus one which is equal to square it a five over two square root of tea. Mina squared of seven over a T square.