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Problem 16 Easy Difficulty

Differentiate the function.
$ h(t) = \sqrt[4]{t} - 4e^1 $


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Jp R.

October 17, 2019

The question in the book is not e^1 ... It is e^t

Video Transcript

he has clear. So when you read here so we have a job. T is equal to t to the 1/4 power minus four times eats the tea. This can be rewritten s t to the 1/4 power. So when we derive this, it's in terms of tea were t to the 1/4 power dynasty over d T or eat the tea. And this becomes equal to 1/4 t to the negative three for its bonus for e to the T four e to the T is the same since the derivative of an exponential it's the same no matter how many times you take the derivative.