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Problem 18 Easy Difficulty

Differentiate the function.
$ y = \sqrt[3]{x}(2 + x ) $


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Video Transcript

he It's clear. So when you read here so he could be right. Why? He's an exponent, rational exponents. So we have two x to the 1/3 plus X to the 4th 3rd We used the sum and difference rule going a D over dx two x to the 1/3 plus de over DX X to the 4/3 used the constant multiple rule where we take out the constant. So you're gonna take out the two and apply the power roll afterwards. So we get to Tom's 1/3 ex to the 1/3 minus one plus 4/3 X to the 4/3 minus one. And we got 2/3 next to the negative, 2/3 times one plus two x.