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Problem 17 Easy Difficulty


$ y = e^p (p + p\sqrt{p}) $


$\left(p^{3 / 2}+p\right){e}^{p}+\left(\frac{3 \sqrt{p}}{2}+1\right) e^{p}$

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David Base G.

October 27, 2020

Finally, now I'm done with my homework

Video Transcript

Hey, it's clear. So when you raid here, So we're gonna find the derivative in terms of P do you over DP We're just gonna rewrite this out as p 23 halves plus p times need to pee this this equal to de over de p a p to the three House plus p Times E to the P plus p to the three hubs plus p d over dp bert E to the p. When we simplify, we get p three House plus p eat the p less three house P 2 3/2 minus one plus one. Eat the p This becomes equal to P to the three halves, plus p it to the P plus three the square root of Pete over too, plus one times eat the P.