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Problem 13 Medium Difficulty


$ y = \frac {t sin t}{1 + t} $


$y^{\prime}=\frac{\left(t^{2}+t\right) \cos t+\sin t}{(1+t)^{2}}$

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Video Transcript

it's clear. Someone you raid here. So I have Why is equal to tine? T Sign over one plus t. We're gonna use the clue. Shit Roll. Yeah. One plus t t over. DT T Fine. Minus T sign. Do you? Over DT of one course t all over one plus t square. This becomes equal to one plus t times T co sign of tea and plus sign of tea. Times one minus. T sign T times one all over one plus T square. You could simplify this further and we get t plus one times t co sign It was signed minus t. Sorry. Over one plus T square. Just equal to T plus he square who sign sign over one plus t square.