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Problem 13 Easy Difficulty


$ y = \frac {x^2 + 1}{x^3 - 1} $


$\frac{-x\left(x^{3}+3 x+2\right)}{\left(x^{3}-1\right)^{2}}$

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Saher A.

October 5, 2021

ur probably the worst numerade educator out there, stop reading off a script and actually attempt to teach. I didnt learn anthing

Video Transcript

he It's clear. So when you read here So we're gonna find the derivative and respect to X for X square plus one over X cube minus one. Then we get D over DX for X square this one times x cubed minus one minus X square plus one de over de x X cute, minus one all over X cute, minus one square. Always simplify this. We get to X plus zero times X square minus one minus three X square, plus thorough times X square plus one all over X cute minus one square, which becomes equal to negative x Times X cubed just three x plus two all over. That's cute, minus one square. Get