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Problem 9 Easy Difficulty


$ y = \frac {x}{2 - tan x} $


$$y^{\prime}=\frac{(2-\tan x)(1)-x\left(-\sec ^{2} x\right)}{(2-\tan x)^{2}}=\frac{2-\tan x+x \sec ^{2} x}{(2-\tan x)^{2}}$$

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Video Transcript

Hey, it's clear. So enumerated here. So we have. Why is equal to facts over to minus 10 Gin. We're gonna make you be ducks. So the derivative do you Over Deep X is equal to one. We're gonna make V be to minus tension. So Devi over d X was equal to negative Seek it square Why is equal to u turn's Be so using the product rule we get why is equal to to minus 10 gin times one minus x times negative seeking square well over to minus 10 Gin square this becomes equal to two more nest engine X plus X sequence square of X over to minus engine square.