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Problem 1 Easy Difficulty

$D=\left|\begin{array}{ll}{a} & {b} \\ {c} & {d}\end{array}\right|=$ _________.


$$a d-b c$$


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Video Transcript

in this problem, we are given this two by two matrix, which means it's a square matrix because it's too rose by two columns, and our task here is to determine the determinant find determinant. This is often referred to as D, so to determine the determinant. I know that sounds a little redundant, but to determine the determinant we take, our matrix does the diagonals here, so you'll notice that I'm using two different colors blue for positive and red for negative along those diagonals, so to determine the determine and all you need to do is a simple calculation of a times D minus. B times C. Again, the minus comes in because red is negative and this is just a formula or a serum that we must memorize. So final answer eight times d minus B times C to give you a value for the determinant